Let’s Just Go To Burger King

City officials and councillors had lunch at the controversial Buddha Bar last Wednesday, with the restaurant’s management and representatives from the Buddhist community – also inviting the press, of course. The officials tried to put the controversy to rest by the ‘inspection’, and stating that the restaurant has complete permits and is allowed to operate.Apparently the ‘spot inspection’ did not alleviate protests from other representatives of the Buddhist community, and you’d love on how the restaurant responded to the claim that it did not offer equal access to the public: the reporters invited weren’t allowed through the main entrance, they were told to go through the side access – and told to wait in the parking lot.This restaurant is creating such a fuss, so perhaps the management can do everybody a favor and change the name, for God’s sake. You don’t need an international franchise name to be a pretentious restaurant.


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    […] Let???s Just Go To Burger King | Plis Deh Jakarta! […]

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