Now Everyone Can Fly… Later. Much Later

180 passengers held five AirAsia crew members hostage for 2 hours because frustration caused by a prolonged delay of their flight to Kuala Lumpur this morning.The flight was previously planned to take off at 6.15, but was delayed to 12 PM. Come 12 PM, another announcement was made that the flight had been postponed to 3 PM. Eventually the disgruntled passangers took the flight crew hostage and the airport authorities had to intervene.If I was cooped up in a boring airport lounge for 9 hours, I think I’d go crazy as well.

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8 responses to “Now Everyone Can Fly… Later. Much Later”

  1. Aulia Masna says :

    Passengers. One a, not two.

  2. herru says :

    once i was scheduled to fly with airasia from surabaya to jakarta at 15.00 and eventually took off at 21.00 and i missed the wedding party.

  3. Air Asia continues to suck: The passengers strike back « Unspun says :

    […] (via Kompas and Aulia at Plis Deh Jakarta) […]

  4. Divi Augusti says :

    I salute thee, o abused passengers.And, oh, AirAsia can suck poo through a straw. Hard.

  5. Delvi says :

    ironically, yesterday tony fernandez e-mailed me that asia was 2009 best low cost air line.

  6. joebarry says :

    @aulia has been corrected, oh fuhrer.@herru wow! that’s baaaad…@divi ha ha ha…@delvi yes, they are the best low cost airline – in terms of revenue. in terms of service… well… that’s a totally different thing, eh?

  7. oomwaway says :

    … about time.. about time…

  8. Everyone Still Can Fly… Later | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] an apparent encore, passengers were delayed for 8 hours on their AirAsia Jakarta-Balikpapan flight. At least this […]

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