Going Somewhere? Go To Lewatmana.com To Avoid Traffic Jams


In honor of websites and blogs trying to make Jakarta better (unlike us, who just bitch about it), we recommend the website lewatmana.com. There are traffic cams for certain intersections and main roads, which hopefully add more over time. If you’re a Twitter user, you can also follow the traffic updates through their Twitter account. There’s also a mobile-enabled page. We think this website can help make living in Jakarta just a bit more tolerable.


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2 responses to “Going Somewhere? Go To Lewatmana.com To Avoid Traffic Jams”

  1. yodee says :

    oh wow. i am both impressed and disappointed. i am impressed because finally we got help! i hope there will be more intersections added to this site over time. i am disappointed because i literally was discussing to make a very similar platform to this to make jakarta a better place with an old friend of mine. LewatMana beat us, ha ha! well, doesn’t matter who does it first, what matter is the result! yeah, i am all for ya, lewatmana.com!

  2. Espi says :

    I’m <em>still</em> going to bitch about it.

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