Persistent Chaps, Eh?

Three men were arrested for trespassing Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin’s home on Friday. These men claimed they were asking for donations for the victims of Situ Gintung, and insisted to enter the home despite having no permission to do so. Soon after, the security guards caught them and brought them to the nearest police station.Somehow I don’t think they were actually looking for donations…

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2 responses to “Persistent Chaps, Eh?”

  1. oomwaway says :

    When I was in elementary school, my parents used to lock the gate to our house despite of the friendly and relatively safe neighbourhood. They didn’t pay much attention to locking the gates until one day, one of those donation seekers, without permission, opened the gate, entered our yard, and showed up at the kitchen door while mom was making us lunch!

  2. Luigi says :

    Donation towards the 3 men’s pocket actually rather.. then the idea of ‘sigint’ thing popped-up at the second they got caught! – so lame indeed.

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