The World’s Biggest Parking Lot

Activists have pointed out, yet again, that from mismanagement of traffic and public transport, Jakarta will be in a total gridlock by 2014. This would be caused by a mix of new vehicle sales, bad traffic management and chaotic public transport services. Thus, creating the world’s biggest parking lot, bar none (except if the world really does end in 2012 like the Mayans say).Somebody needs to do something about this. For all the buzz in the news, the MRT project will remain for me a figment of the imagination until I see it running before my eyes, as I have been traumatized by the failure of the monorail project. The only way that Jakarta can get its citizens to abandon daily use of private vehicles is to have the vision of creating a public transport network that is efficient, far-reaching (right into the congested suburbs and satellite towns), secure (from pickpockets, at least), safe and reliable. None of the above can be said about any mode of public transport right now. Proof? From various areas in Jakarta, it actually takes longer to travel from one point to another by public transport than it does with a private vehicle. Considering Jakartan’s obsession with speed, no wonder they prefer their souped-up motorcycles.

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6 responses to “The World’s Biggest Parking Lot”

  1. mik says :

    Traffic and parking management will be a big problem in the future, not only in Jakarta but also in other cities in Indonesia. Government should take care for those problems.

  2. joebarry says :

    i agree. and this time it’s up to the government to manage, not up to private citizens. If it were up to private citizens, some businessman would swoop in and try to make a quick profit without thinking of long-term impact…

  3. oomwaway says :

    more reasons for not taking public transport:1. unpredictable. I am mobile and need to conform to a schedule. I can’t calculate before hand when to leave if the public transport has no fixed schedule. I once thought that transjakarta had one, but with all its facilities, it has none.2. Not safe. Think pickpockets, in the bus. when one gets out of the bus. mikrolet, convenience is down the toilet. safety? LOL3. Convenience. Transjakarta is now less convenient compared when new. Even if they can keep the convenience, once one changes transports, such as regular bus, angkot and mikrolet, convenience disappears to thin air. family with young children shall have no access to child prams. Have you ever imagine taking a stroll with a pram on Jakarta’s non-existing pavement? supporting infrastructure is just not there.eliminate those, and only then Jakartans would start to consider taking public transport. At the present situation? don’t think so.. *but then the Government needs to do maintenance,.. a difficult thing to do in Indonesia. I witnessed a jabotabek train, given by Japan, used, arriving in good condition, automatic doors and all, deteriorated into the state of other jabotabek KRL in 3 months or so.. no automatic doors, vents stopped working, grafitti, damaged chairs, and so on… Can you hear me Pak Kumis?

  4. Domba Garut! says :

    One the governmet both local and central start really serius indeveloping the nation’s transportation system, people will definitely leave their car more at home.. the nationl development policy should always focus on "what’s in it for the people.."For big cities, indeed MRT a.k.a. Subways are an essential consideration for immediate solution.

  5. yodee says :

    is it possible that by 2012 the government would have the money to continue building MRT? a safe, pickpocket proof MRT?

  6. joebarry says :

    MRT yes. safe, pickpocket-proof, unlikely. but who are we to say?

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