And We Won’t Miss The Traffic Jams


Ah yes.Bali, the so-called Island Of The Gods, and the getaway of many a tourist, Jakartans as no exception.So Plis Deh Jakarta is taking a few days off to enjoy the scorching heat, the overpriced minimarts, and the multitude of souvenir shops – well, among other things, as we don’t think there’s much to find fault about in Bali – and will be back on Wednesday. Maybe.

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2 responses to “And We Won’t Miss The Traffic Jams”

  1. gabybali says :

    Hey!! Ada di Bali ya! Who said there’s not much to find here (beside over priced mini mart & nightlife in Legian & Dhyanapura). Have you tried Sate Ikan Tenggiri at Sukawati Market (yum yum..),and you could also read my post here about 5 Tips to enjoy Bali not as a tourist and more tips on the nest post soon!Have fun in Bali, get tanned!! 🙂

  2. joebarry says :

    Hey Gaby! I love Bali so much that I want to stay there – but it’s kind of strange writing a blog about Jakarta if you stay in Bali, rite? :DI sure did get a tan (whether I wanted it or not) and had a lot of fun. Hopefully I can come back soon…

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