Dress For Success

Upon my return to Jakarta, I posted this statement through Twitter:


These are some of the responses I received:

ruthwijaya@plisdehjkt it’s hotter but building’s ac is berry-berry cooold!!! That’s why we need layersabout 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

flowmow@plisdehjkt Wait? Why is it called the Big Durian? lolabout 7 hours ago from web in reply to plisdehjkt


moriza@plisdehjkt I wonder that’s because most people in Jakarta spend their time going in/out Air Conditioned buildings?about 7 hours ago from web in reply to plisdehjkt

foureyes@plisdehjkt hahaha yeah i wish people wear bikinis in jakarta :pabout 7 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to plisdehjkt

insomniaticsha@plisdehjkt hahaha why oh why that is so?about 7 hours ago from web in reply to plisdehjkt

But seriously – we might be in the business capital of Indonesia, but it doesn’t mean we have to wear three-piece suits at the office and turn the aircon down really low to justify it? I’m not saying that Jakarta has to revert to bikinis or swimsuits, but we really should dress to match the climate – it’s just healthier. That way, those aircons don’t have to be turned on so low (although, some women dress like they’re at the beach in the malls, which is beyond me) and we can save energy, thus holding off global warming for a bit. I think the teeming masses of office workers have forgotten that we live in a tropical area. Maybe it’s because the office buildings seem like they’re in the mountains.

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3 responses to “Dress For Success”

  1. yodee says :

    big durian to jakarta is like big apple to new york city hahaha

  2. oomwaway says :

    funny thing,.. I have been wondering about a guy I saw earlier today wearing a denim jacket just walking on jl. Sudirman pavement when it was at least 38 degrees C .. Anyway, I think we should support the use of Batik shirts instead,.. short sleeved.. I must confess that I hate ties.. they choke..

  3. taro says :

    that is so me, mewh, i now wear long sleeved tee, cardigan, and hooded jumper.. *hate aircon

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