Another Traffic Story

This morning, in the usual traffic jam in Kemang, I almost hit a motorcycle when moving forward as the motorcyclist simply cut me off and went on his way. As a good Jakartan I gave several honks of protest, but apparently the motorcyclist was annoyed by the noise.He opened his visor, turned back and said something – I couldn’t hear what he was saying as I was in the car, the windows were all up and the stereo was on. But of course, that didn’t stop him from his string of what I assume were expletives, accompanied with various rude hand gestures, which went on until he was far from my car. A friend once told me if I ever was in a minor traffic accident – fender bender, small dent and so on – we should always try to get the upper hand in acting angry, whoever was at fault. So even though the motorcyclist was at fault, he’ll never admit he’s wrong.And that, is a typical day in Jakarta…

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One response to “Another Traffic Story”

  1. yodee says :

    i agree with your friend, don’t let <i>them</i> be the upper hand! i just had a similar incident to this. it was around taman puring area. exactly same situation, het cut me off, i honked, he opened his visor, yelled and gave me the finger. si i honked some more, stepped on the gas pedal a bit as if i was gonna run him over and scrolled down my window to get my middle finger closer to his bloody visor. lucky for him, his gf whom sat behind him told him to let it go… i was tired, stressed out and ready to smack his ass! goddamn motorcyclists!sorry for the vent.

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