Or… The Buses Will Just Take Longer Detours

At long last, the government is mulling over on changing the way public transport systems are paid.Right now, public transport routes are licensed to member companies of Organda (the Organization of Land Transportation Owners), who then require their drivers to pay a minimum per day to cover those license costs. This in turn causes the lack of service, the disregard of safety, the lack of maintenance, causing traffic jams, and generally a total suck as something supposed to satisfy the general public. Because this way, drivers will only care about making their minimum daily payment – to hell with what the passengers want, and to hell with the law!The new payment system proposed pays by the kilometer, and not by minimum payment, so that the drivers would stick to their routes.Although it took perhaps 20 years to see this glaring shortcoming, at least a big change will come. Who knows when.


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