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Driver: "Those Multicolor Lights Are Pretty"

I was always under the impression that the city’s traffic lights, however chaotic, had some sort of outdated underlying system coordinating everything. WRONG. It’s all just random – no wonder we need police officers maintaining the busy intersections at rush hour, or else it would be even worse.Enter the research arm from UI, assisted by the University of Nagoya, who are trying to figure out on how to synchronize all the traffic lights in Jakarta, in a 4-year project that has started since 2008. They are saying, “synchronized traffic lights could be the answer”. Strangely, the head of the Traffic Management Centre did not know this project was going on.Well, as long as everybody obeys the traffic lights, we could have a winner here. And that’s even assuming the traffic lights will be on.

But Seriously, It’s Tough Washing All That Shit

Dozens of delman operators have been protesting the decree banning them from operating in the Monas area, where they have been basically kicked out for the last two years. An apparent promise to relocate them to Ancol or TMII apparently was an empty promise.So why, you ask, have the delmans been banned from the Monas area? According to the mayor, it’s tough washing the horse shit off the park’s stone block, and all the urine and feces made the park all smelly and messy.So instead of helping the delman operators manage their, um, exhaust better – which I’m pretty sure can be done – the government just cuts them out of their livelihood.

Somehow The Baloons Just Aren’t Right


A man dressing as a clown entertains a group of boys after a free mass circumcision at Kana Clinic in Jakarta on Saturday. Around 150 boys from poor families were circumcised. Antara/Ujang Zaelani

Honey, Where Did You Park The Car?


Police officers chat near a minivan that plunged into a river in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, on Monday. The driver, who was reported to be sleepy when driving, was unharmed. Jakarta Post/Ricky Yudhistira

Maybe We Should Use Other Gases?

Let’s try to breakdown the logic of this problem:So 55 five buses for the Transjakarta armada are not operating. Why? No gas.Why no gas? No money to pay for it.Why no money to pay for it? The Transjakara general services department has not given the bus operators money to pay for the gas.Why haven’t Transjakarta paid the operator money for gas?And that, my friends, is the real question.