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Jakartan Scale Of Stupidity

Here is Plis Deh Jakarta’s scale of stupidity, 1 being simply dumb, 10 being outright idiotic:

  1. picking your nose in a parliamentary session
  2. using your BlackBerry while driving (c’mon guys… admit this is stupid)
  3. trying to overthrow the government by burning tires in the street and hunger strikes
  4. throwing trash in the river, then blaming the government for mismanaging floods
  5. street demonstrations by whoever, provoking the cops to take action then claiming police brutality
  6. queueing 5 hours to get a pair of sandals
  7. crossing the street where there’s obviously a pedestrian bridge
  8. overtaking traffic jams at a bottleneck (do’oh!)
  9. riding a motorcycle while one hand is holding something else (cigarette, phone, LPG gas tank, 1 gallon water bottle, baby, etc)
  10. SMS-ing while riding your motorcycle, without a helmet and no headlights at night

If you don’t agree (or perhaps offended :P) by our list, don’t bitch! Make your own list and put ‘writing/reading Plis Deh Jakarta’ on the top. We won’t mind 😀