Green, For Some Only

The city administration is currently pushing their green building agenda into schools, which from the article, a green building is seemingly defined:

  • less use of wood to decrease the need of chopping down forersts
  • use of solar panels for power (the article says the use of ‘panel tata surya’; I assume that’s a mistype)
  • better ventilation as to decrease the need for air conditioning
  • more efficient use of water and electricty
  • independent waste management, whatever that means
  • and more use of wood in building construction (yes, the article contradicts itself)

They say it is part of an effort to educate children on the need of eco-friendly buildings, with the bill going up to a total of Rp 16 billion for two school locations.In the meantime, many schools, even in Jakarta, are in no condition to be used as a place to learn. The schools might become, um, a bit nicer, but what’s to say about the general living conditions of the surrounding neighborhood?

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