5 ‘Lifesaving’ Jakartan Things

Today we’re writing with a slightly different tone. We’re writing down ‘lifesavers’, those little things that are small blessings in the chaotic life of an average Jakartan. We’re writing down 5 points as an example:

  • Fried snack vendor (gorengan). The presence of these vendors on street corners are a godsend to those in hunger but either too busy to get a proper meal, or the traffic is preventing them to. Tasty, too!
  • Drink, candy & cigarette vendors. Almost at any busy intersection, you can find people selling drinks, candy and cigarettes – some offer car to car, and others sell from their small warung. They even sell soap bars, candles to ointments for rashes.
  • That empty blue car at rush hour. Any street-wise Jakartan knows, Blue Bird is the preferred choice of taxi service, to the point that competing taxi companies also paint their cars blue (even with a lookalike logo). So when it’s rush hour and you need a cab, one empty Blue Bird is often hard to find – and thus a blessing when you do find one.
  • An empty seat on the bus. Bus rides can last from 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on congestion and the amount of passengers. So that empty seat means a lot.
  • Polisi cepek. A lot of the time these guys are more harm than good, but when you really need them, and provided you wave some money out your window first, they’ll help you get through a busy intersection. True businessmen.

So, do you have any suggestions of these small blessings unique to Jakarta? Give a comment or tweet us a reply!


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3 responses to “5 ‘Lifesaving’ Jakartan Things”

  1. mantosz says :

    Don’t forget those lifesaving tukang nasi goreng with their portable gerobak when there’s no food at home!

  2. Yoga says :

    OjekOjek payungJoki 3 in 1

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