Man Of Faith or Man Of Violence?

When many people who are supposedly more knowledgeable in Islam yell on top of their lungs to get rid of a certain sect, or to get rid of a church from a certain neighborhood, and to provide support to the Palestinian state above support for local needs… the Palestinian government issues condolences to the Egyptian government because of the church bombings; where President Mahmoud Abbas says that the attack’s goal was to destabilize the kinship in Egypt and incite hatred between Moslems and Christians.

Maybe these people need to sort our their priorities, like for instance, concentrate in enhancing faith instead of inciting hate. Yelling, pushing, shoving in the name of religion does not make you a holy man.

UPDATE: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad conveys Christmas greetings to the Pope and world leaders who celebrate Christmas through an official letter, and prays for Christians to have a year full of health, success, happiness and prosperity. He also wishes that 2011 becomes a year of peace where increased empathy and understanding will occur between people of different faiths.


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