Job Opportunity in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! – Production Director

No, this blog will not become a job site. I am just trying to help out my parent company find a key person for their operations. And mark my words, they have asked specifically if they can have an Indonesian to fill this position.

So the job is titled Production Director, for a local financial news channel called FBNC.

The Production Director is generally in charge of on-air quality, for design, program formats, continuity, and so on, including casting the anchors for the channel. He or she will be in charge of the day-to-day workflow for production, including new programs- especially the English-language programs. Production will also involve the promo items needed for the channel (on-air and off-air), support the ad sales team in selling advertising space and/or sponsored TV programs, and work closely with the Program and Studio departments (which include the journalists). The Production Director reports to the Editor In Chief.

So naturally, we’d want someone who has several years experience for news TV broadcast production and editing, and is used to using English day-to-day for work. An aptitude for new languages would be a plus as you’d have to work with a lot of Vietnamese staff who may or may not be able to speak English.

So if you think you fit perfectly with the requirements above and are interested in working in Vietnam, drop me an email to my Gmail account!

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3 responses to “Job Opportunity in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! – Production Director”

  1. Rifsal says :

    Hi my name is Rifsal, I leave in Jakarta – Indonesia and now I’m working in lokal TV station as a head production for almost 6 years. I really intrested about your advertisement for job oportunity as a Prod. Director in your country, if you pleased give your email so I can send my cv.thanks


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