Bus Schedule for Phu My Hung – Dong Khoi Shuttle Bus, Ho Chi Minh City

So, there’s a shuttle bus that goes around Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC and drops everyone at Dong Khoi in District 1, HCMC (and vice versa). Currently the ticket price is 15,000 VND, making it a better option than a taxi (which might cost around 120,000 VND one way). I have adapted the map found on the Phu My Hung website so it is slightly more readable. (Click the image for a larger version)

Here’s a handy timetable also, if the picture confuses you. The times below are the departure times from each stop.

Route 1 (Area H)   Route 2 (Area H)
Phu My Hung (Sky Garden Cafe) Dong Khoi   Phu My Hung (My Khanh) Dong Khoi
07:00 07:30   07:00 07:45
08:00 08:30   08:15 09:00
09:00 09:30   09:30 10:15
10:00 10:30   11:30 12:15
11:00 11:30   14:15 15:00
12:00 12:30   15:30 16:15
13:00 13:30   17:00 17:40
14:00 14:30   18:30 19:15
15:00 15:30   20:30 21:30
16:00 16:30      
17:00 17:30      
17:30 18:00 (only on weekdays)

18:00 18:30      
19:00 19:30      
20:00 20:30      
21:00 21:30      

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9 responses to “Bus Schedule for Phu My Hung – Dong Khoi Shuttle Bus, Ho Chi Minh City”

  1. Elsa says :

    Thank you a lot for the information! That was exactly what I was looking for!

  2. Audrey says :

    We arrive at the port of Phu My and would like to find transportation to Ho Chi Minh City. Can you tell me which of these bus stops is the closest one to the Phu My cruise ship terminal? Thanks for your help!

    • barijoe says :

      Dear Audrey,

      unfortunately Phu My port is different than Phu My Hung, which is a residential area 30 minutes from HCMC central. There are buses from Phu My port to HCMC central, if I’m not mistaken, but it’s usually a 2-3 hour ride. There are taxis/cabs but be careful as they often try to take advantage of foreign tourists. There’s also a ferry that goes to HCMC Central, but they work on a schedule and I’m not sure if you can buy the tickets directly (usually we buy them 1 day in advance).

      • Audrey says :

        Thank you for the quick reply, the taxi warning and the ferry info…really appreciate your help! Audrey

    • Ivette says :

      What did you decide, we are looking for the same!

  3. Ashok Kumar says :

    But PMH to dong Kai shuttle bus ticket issuer /staff were not not friendly at all. so be careful. They (she) always order people to sit here and there and do not want to hear if you speak in english. Moreover, never smile and thinks they are the owner of the bus and peole who travel in that bus are their slaves. Once I saw the staff was speaking rudely with a lady about her child (2 years old) was eating in the bus. Morover, the lady kept her baby next seat and staff demanded her to pay for the ticket. But, till 5 years children no need to take the ticket in any public and private transport (bus, PMH bus and open tour bus) at all in vietnam. Staff expected that lady should ask her permission to keep her baby in the next seat. Notably , that day few seats were free. So what is the problem in keeping kid in the next seat??

    It was really very very bad behaviour and I wanted to raise and kept my mouth shut as that lady did not want to continue that matter.

    So be careful with PHM bus service, in case if you keep your bag in the next seat thinking that, no one sitting there, still the staff expected you to ask her permissin. [the luggage of section PMH bus service is very small, you can not put your backbag at all in that place]

    • barijoe says :

      Dear Ashok, I’ve never had any problems with the PMH bus service, but they are a bit nitpicky about tickets for children. So sorry you had a bad experience.
      But bear in mind that some Vietnamese would rather avoid English conversation as they may not understand, so sometimes they choose to ignore. 🙂

  4. Leah says :

    hi i’m living on nguyen van linh just opposite the bus stop but do you know what number the bus is which goes into HCM because there are other buses that are only local? also, how do you find the bus back once you are in HCM proper?

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