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5 Ways Of Using Path For Business

So in the last few months, Path has gained ground as one of the most talked-about social network apps, especially since the Path 2.0 upgrade which integrated location check-in, photo feed, song check-in, and even an ‘asleep/awake’ feature, which you can share to ‘only’ up to 150 friends. This brings some interesting possibilities of using Path for business.

1. Personal-Professional Network

Like many people today, their online and social network lives virtually intertwine personal and professional interests. Twitter and Facebook are basically mass-media channels now, and somehow should be treated as such. But Path can become the social network of your closest business associates and confidantes, of which you can share more about you or your business, even sharing confidential issues with your trusted circle, or asking for feedback on certain issues or ideas.

2. Industry Contacts

If you’ve worked for years in a certain industry, you’ll be bound to know personally almost all of your key competitors, and even becoming friends to an extent. And many times, an industry-wide back channel to discuss issues that might impact a whole industry would become much more beneficial for the industry in general. Let’s say there’s a new tax law that would have significant impact on your industry – discussions on Path would help find the best solution and leverage the industry’s lobbying group. Another example would be, top executives sometimes like to update each other on what they are doing, although they are competitors – just so they can plan better, and or even just to share information. This can be done effectively on Path.

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In Indonesia Path May Do To iPhone and Android What BBM Did to BlackBerry

The amount of friends from various walks of life adding me on Path, or talking about Path on Twitter or cross-posting stuff, has shown that slowly but surely, Path – especially since its launch of Path 2.0 – is making a lot of inroads to Indonesian social network users. I agree, it’s visually stunning and addictive, and to some aspects, it becomes more intimate because it limits the amount of people you can “friend”.

So we got into an interesting conversation about Path – on Twitter, no less – yesterday, starting with this tweet:

So this led to the following interesting conversation about Path – highlighting that for some, Path is simply another social network with a nice app interface. Not the fault of users  – I believe Path may have some homework on iterating and suggesting on how best to use Path. I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out how to use Path more effectively?

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