In Indonesia Path May Do To iPhone and Android What BBM Did to BlackBerry

The amount of friends from various walks of life adding me on Path, or talking about Path on Twitter or cross-posting stuff, has shown that slowly but surely, Path – especially since its launch of Path 2.0 – is making a lot of inroads to Indonesian social network users. I agree, it’s visually stunning and addictive, and to some aspects, it becomes more intimate because it limits the amount of people you can “friend”.

So we got into an interesting conversation about Path – on Twitter, no less – yesterday, starting with this tweet:

So this led to the following interesting conversation about Path – highlighting that for some, Path is simply another social network with a nice app interface. Not the fault of users  – I believe Path may have some homework on iterating and suggesting on how best to use Path. I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out how to use Path more effectively?

Read the rest of the post on Dailysocial.

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