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[Music Monday] Selling Your Music On Foreign Shores

I’ve written previously on how we need to move on from the frame of mind that making money from music is confined to selling copies of our music recordings. I’ve even explained how selling digital files of your music will not work in Indonesia, and that we might even need to just forget about the issue of piracy altogether and think of new ways of reaching your fans with your music. But if you think that selling digital copies of your music internationally is a crucial part of your band’s planning, then there are a few ways to do it, and it might make a lot of money for you and your band, too!

Expanding on the post that Widi Asmoro wrote responding to a previous post I wrote, he explained at length on how to prepare your music to be distributed through music aggregator Valleyarm to be sold at iTunesSpotifyemusicAmazon Mp3, and the Nokia Music Store. Going through Valleyarm will ensure your music will be distributed internationally, although I think only Nokia Music has official sales channels in Indonesia. But Valleyarm is not the only music aggregator company you can work with; there are many others to choose from.

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[Music Monday] So You’ve Got A Band. Now What? Make A Website?

Despite all the doom and gloom you might hear in the music industry lately about how it’s more difficult to sell albums, it’s actually a great time to be a band or musician. Whatever the type of your music, you could probably record most or all of your music on your computer, with adequate quality also. And if you don’t have your own computer, most small-to-medium sized music studios already use a computer to do most of the heavy work, and cost less to rent.

From the software point of view, there are many software suites you can use to record, mix, and make a CD master, even free ones, and the Internet offers various paid and free audio libraries to enhance the recording, whether it be a sound effect or a drum loop. Just make sure you can use it for your own music (just make sure it’s totally free or ask permission from the owner). You can even write and share the musical notation of your songs online.

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[Music Monday] Why Music Download Stores Won’t Work In Indonesia

The more I think of it, the more I think that many music services – at least in Indonesia – are going about it the wrong way. Since 2008, Indonesia has had a number of online music download stores. Various business models were tried – an ISP tried ISP billing, telcos tried charging via SMS, and some others even had a choice of payment systems; either through SMS or electronic voucher. Investments in (quite expensive) hosting and delivery systems were made, in an attempt to replicate what seemed to work overseas – the music download. Essentially, users will pay for a song that they want, and only the song that they want, and download it to their choice device. Most services were required to implement digital rights management (DRM) as a way to circumvent unauthorized copying, and the files themselves were usually confined to the device that downloaded the file.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. It has never delivered the results that the music industry wants, that’s for sure.

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[Music Monday] Wait, You Can Make Money For Music From The Internet?

The [recorded] music industry has been in very dark days lately, especially in Indonesia – I’ve frequently written about the current situation so I won’t revisit it. But the breakdown is this: there is currently no real way the [recorded] music industry can make money from their work. CD sales are diminished, music through mobile is going through a crisis, and there’s not really an online music store worth mentioning. But this does not mean that the internet cannot make money for you, the musician or music label.

I’ll admittedly be broad about this – I won’t say there are a million ways to make money for music directly from the Internet, but there are definitely a lot of ways to make sure the Internet works for you and gets you that much-needed money. Music may be virtually free for most music listeners, but it doesn’t mean making the music you want does not cost money. Even downloading Audacity or Gamelan will take some money off your internet bill. Trying to pitch to a music magazine to cover your band may not cost money but bringing along coffee for the journalists goes a long way. And so on. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed indie artist that does not want to spend money, eventually you’d need money for food, right?

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[] Djarum Badminton All Stars

Pada tanggal 27-28 April 2012 kemarin, PB Djarum menyelenggarakan kembali acara Djarum Badminton All Stars di Palembang Sports Convention Centre, Palembang. Acara ini adalah coaching clinic oleh bintang-bintang tamu ke anak-anak rentang umur 10-15 tahun, dan pertandingan eksebisi. Acara yang diselenggarakan untuk ketiga kalinya ini mendatangkan bintang-bintang PB Djarum seperti Christian Hadinata, Hastomo Arbi, Eddy Hartono, Hariyanto Arbi, Sigit Budiarto, Antonius Budi Ariantho, Rian Sukmawan dan Rendra Wijaya untuk putra; dan ikut bergabung peraih medali perunggu olimpiade 2008 Maria Kristin Yulianti, Ivana Lie, Yuliani Sentosa dan bintang muda Aida Arum Amanah untuk putri.

Selain bintang-bintang PB Djarum, acara ini juga didukung Ricky Subagja (juara Olimpiade 1996) dan Imelda Wiguna (juara All England 1979).

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