[Manic Monday] The Multiple Screen Strategy

Some of us grew up with only one screen – the TV screen. In Indonesia, there was only one national, government-owned TV station that graced the airwaves, which we watched dutifully since there was nothing else to watch. Having the TV on was somewhat of a necessity, whether or not we watched anything – it somehow connected us to the world, even if it was only one way (and any content was tamed first by the government). Even for those fortunate to own videotape players, you had to choose: watch TV, or watch a videotape.

Most people nowadays carry at least one screen, their handphone, in their pocket. Another would be a desktop computer at home or at the office, a laptop, or even a tablet. Some invest in special game devices, some with their own screens. And TVs have become comparatively cheap compared to 25 years ago, so there would be at least be more than one television set in an average middle-income house in Jakarta. The TV also has so many options for content input – terrestrial TV, cable TV, satellite TV, DVD players, Bluray players, IPTV, and so on. Even mobile phones have long expanded beyond their namesake and can play a variety of video and audio content, and games also. And let’s not forget the cinema screen. We have been in the multiple screen era for some time.

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