[Manic Monday] Would You Pay For Content, Or Access?

I almost always start my articles with an “old world” comparison – you know, when the only media you consumed was in pre-defined formats from the producer’s choosing (and obvious profit). And then I would go on that since the internet age, things have turned more or less upside down, changing the game, with or without the producer’s consent. And then I’d go on to explain the various possibilities of making sure this “internetz” thing works for you, your band, your movie or your business.

The reason I always elaborate the differences, is because it’s just that different. If you wanted to listen to a song, it was either wait for it to be played on the radio, or go out and buy the single or album. A value chain of controlled access to content was created; something free but limited, then something else not free but relatively more accessible. In the physical world, purchasing content and purchasing access to music, movies, games or other entertainment products was the same thing.

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