[Manic Monday] Where Next For Ramadhan-Themed Digital Entertainment?

I don’t think anyone can deny it anymore – Ramadhan, aside from being the holiest month for Muslims around the world, is also a big month for businesses. Businesses can initiate special Ramadhan packages and discounts (especially food and beverages), and the clothing stores break out Muslim-themed collections and capitalize on the fact that most people (in Indonesia, at least) want to buy something new for Lebaran. And of course, Lebaran cakes are everywhere!


The entertainment industry hasn’t skipped a beat on this. The Ramadhan season can be the most challenging – and most rewarding – times of the year. TV arguably has the highest ratings around Maghrib (sunset, when Muslims break their fast and can start to eat) as even restaurants in malls will rely on the TV to wait for the adzan call. And for the past 10 years, sahur time on TV (when Muslims eat an earlier breakfast before sunrise) has changed from a solemn affair to an all-out entertainment bonanza, complete with live quizzes, cabarets and comedy shows – which advertisers will gladly pay for, of course.

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