[Manic Monday] I’m Addicted To SongPop

This past Ramadhan holiday, I have finally surrendered and accepted various invitations – no, challenges – to play SongPop. At first, I didn’t want to invest myself in yet again another ‘versus’ game platform which I would be neglecting (sorry, Draw Something friends who have been nudging me for the past month), but I finally relented and have been playing ever since. My wife has also started playing (she’s a fellow music geek) and I must admit that I haven’t the slightest clue about ‘Today’s Hits’ or ‘Punk’.

The game hits people from various sides – some like it because it challenges their song repertoire (I suck, apparently), some like the friendly competition it gives, and for others, it’s an opportunity to rediscover music. Old songs seemingly forgotten, that tune that you know the title yet don’t seem to remember the title or artist, or finally matching a riff to a song. And the more people play it, the more songs and songlists they can unlock with the hard-earned coins. Well, if you consider yourself a music fan and you haven’t played, I do recommend giving it a spin.

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