[Manic Monday] Your Fans Are Your Monetization Strategy [Part 2]

I’m revisiting this article simply because it just touched the surface on how fans of any type of creative content, which could be movies, music, games, software and so on. The decentralized nature of the internet has helped make a lot of things simpler – production, aggregation, distribution, payment – and many internet-based services can help you with these needs cheaply or even for free. The trick is, since every creative content is unique and probably has a similarly unique fan base or consumer segment, you need to come up with the business strategy behind it yourself.

Some relatively established bands have full-fledged websites that have band info, tour schedules, news and even a merchandise section. This by no means is not the only thing a band should do, as they should maintain presence and communication on the various social networks, keep up doing shows and gigs (whether it is at a club, or a Google+ Hangout session) to keep the fans happy (emphasis on ‘keep the fans happy’).

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