[Manic Monday] Books Might Disappear, But The Words In It Won’t

When was the last time you read a book? How many times have you read a book for the past month, say compared to, the amount of articles you read on the internet, or from social media feeds? I probably read only one book a month, and usually science fiction. Everything else is gobbled up in small bites through articles on the Internet here and there. I don’t think I have enough bandwidth in my head to keep up reading more books, either by quantity or quality or genre. I still buy books and try to collect books by my favorite authors, but even my reading habit has started to move over to Kobo.

Last week, Wiku posited an interesting question on Twitter, on whether book publishers have lost their appetite in printing quality books due to the prevalence of information, quality or otherwise, on the internet. This is an interesting question, and I would say the short answer is: Yes.

Read the rest of the post on Dailysocial.

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