[Manic Monday] What The Resurrection Of RBT And Arrival Of iTunes Store Indonesia Mean For You

December 5th, 2012 was a good day if you worked in the recording music industry in Indonesia – well, at least, considering the doom and gloom that hung over the industry players recently. After over a year since the so-called Black October happened, Indosat, XL Axiata and 12 of Indonesia’s largest music labels,launched a major initiative to support ringback tone sales. The program integrates the promotion of ringback tones of both telcos, formerly using separate dial-in numbers, to a single code applicable to both telcos, and also combines the promotion efforts – and marketing money – done by both telcos.  The telcos are now investing heavily again in promoting ringback tones to their customers.

The other bit of good news is the sudden availability of music, movies on the Indonesia iTunes store. After being left out of the iTunes launch in several Asian countries, reportedly at the last minute, Apple lovers discovered that they could download songs, movies and even ringtones for their gadgets. The offering was initially limited to content from the major labels, but gradually started to offer content from Indonesian music labels as well (and within a short time, having Cakra Khan and NOAH top the singles chart). Although Indonesia is said to have a very low iOS device penetration level, a number of users have resorted to using US iTunes accounts to buy music, and we will yet see the impact on the industry on a larger scale.

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