Youtube Wins [Again] Against Viacom – Stubborn, Much?

I was surprised that the case was still going on at all.

Instead of fighting Youtube for years on end, some of the major music labels created the VEVO platform which plays nice with Youtube (since it is powered by Youtube). Takedown notices on Youtube for unlicensed videos aside, VEVO has actually made money over the years, as compared to the years-long litigation between Viacom and Youtube which basically only made money for the lawyers.

Should Viacom have full control of content it produces? If possible, sure – it’s what they invested in, and they should be allowed to recoup their costs and make some profit. But at this point, I don’t see the point of continuing with such litigation, because it’s not like they’re going to get a grand payoff in the remote possibility the lawsuit somehow gets turned in Viacom’s favor, right?

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