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An Android User’s Defence On The Exorbitant Price Of The iPhone

I’m currently an avid Android user; I have been since I bought a Nexus 7 tablet, and have hardly ever looked back since. Emphasis on ‘hardly’. Currently using last year’s model of HTC One (the dual SIM variant) and very happy with it. The dual SIM gives me the flexibility of using two telco operator services, considering the phone number I’ve had for years has really crappy service, and I got tired of carrying two phones everywhere.

But before I picked up a Nexus 7, I was an avid iPhone user. Similarly, I picked up the 1st generation iPad (second-hand, from a friend) before I fully immersed myself in the Apple ecosystem (and I still use a Macbook to this day). I used a second-hand iPhone 3G before I got my hands on a second-hand iPhone 4, which preceded a Nexus 4. But enough of my extravagance for gadgets — by the way, notice how many times I used the term ‘second-hand’ when it comes to my iOS devices?

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