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Jakarta, The City Of The Pointless

Hey, I may be wrong, but what does doing anything of the below accomplish anything?

  • burning tyres
  • blocking up the roads and jamming up traffic
  • spray-painting random government-owned vehicles
  • spray-painting public facilities
  • stone throwing (any direction)
  • verbal harrasment
  • and so on… there are so many ways to enact anarchy

Maybe this is what they should do (‘they’ purposely vague in this sense):

  • instead of burning tyres, maybe burn fat?
  • instead of blocking roads, maybe block floods?
  • instead of spray-painting vehicles, maybe spray-paint your own and create a beauty contest?
  • instead of spray-painting public facilities, maybe spray-paint your own toilet? Those stains won’t remove themselves, why not just paint over them…
  • instead of throwing stones, why not throw… a party?
  • instead of verbal harassment, why not verbal poetry?
  • and instead of anarchy, why not stop being pointless and use your head? Yes, that thing inside the head too, called the brain – learn to use it.