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Reflection On The Past Year: Happy Birthday, Plis Deh Jakarta!

Yes, as we tweeted earlier today, it is officially Plis Deh Jakarta’s 1st anniversary today. We had hoped to present our miniscule readership with some design drafts of the upcoming Plis Deh Jakarta T-shirt, but since we’ve been under the weather lately, we haven’t got around to it. We will post the designs soon, hopefully.Anyway… since it’s our birthday, we think it’s a good time to reflect on the past year. We have gained many new friends (shoutouts to all of you!) and perhaps a few others who have either misunderstood or simply don’t like what we do here. We really hope our humorous, somewhat sarcastic and always critical articles entertain you – but it should also instill a feeling that our beloved city can be much, much better than this. This website might be the embodiment of ‘tough love’ towards Jakarta – because sometimes you need some harsh words to help you grow, right?Other than that, we think the best way to grow up is to be able to laugh at ourselves, right or wrong. We may bitch so much about Jakarta but we still live here, secretly hoping Jakarta quickly moves through its growing pains and becomes the world-class city it deserves to be. Unfortunately, this website can only do so much – we can only offer our own, subjective insights to issues around Jakarta and discuss with you whenever we can, but hopefully there will be more stuff down the line. The T-shirts are the first step – of maybe many other steps, following our basic mission: making Jakarta better.We can’t make Jakarta better by bitching on this website – but we can certainly use this website to be informed on various issues around Jakarta. Knowing the problem is already halfway towards the solution. It’s up to each and every one of us Jakartans (or non-Jakartans) to do something and make this city better! Hopefully other Jakartans can use this website to help change Jakarta for the better – that said, hopefully we will be able to do more in the coming days than just becoming a website. Stay tuned!Remember, you can make a difference, big or small!

Happy Birthday, Jakarta

478 years ago, some people thought it would be a good idea to formalize the existing mish-mash of buildings, market stalls and harbor into something named Sunda Kelapa. During the years the name would change to Batavia, then Djakarta (and dropping the ‘D’ after a fix on the phonetic and writing system for Bahasa Indonesia).Yes, this website is all about the quirky side of Jakarta (including ourselves, as the authors), but we love this city anyway – we’re loving relatives who bitch a lot, as opposed to the snobbish outsider. Just to prove the fact, we don’t do general comparisons with other cities (although we might do at some point, as long as it’s really funny – don’t depend on us on being consistent, haha) …Jakarta’s congestion is legendary, even outside Indonesia, also its high-density population. Jakarta is also the focal point of anything that happens in Indonesia – proof to fact; even the poor guys who got flooded by toxic mud by Lapindo in far-away Sidoarjo protested to Jakarta, and also the poor guys who got fired from PT Dirgantara Indonesia in far-away Bandung.Jakarta is also a symbol of hope for some people – and utter disappointment for others; somehow both appropriately symbolized in the Monas (the National Monument).So Jakarta, you’re a pain in the ass but I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way 😛

picture courtesy www.duelliscool.net