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Maybe We Should Use Other Gases?

Let’s try to breakdown the logic of this problem:So 55 five buses for the Transjakarta armada are not operating. Why? No gas.Why no gas? No money to pay for it.Why no money to pay for it? The Transjakara general services department has not given the bus operators money to pay for the gas.Why haven’t Transjakarta paid the operator money for gas?And that, my friends, is the real question.

So What Will They Steal Next?

A bus shelter was reportedly stolen Friday night – it was last seen still standing at 8 pm Friday, yet was already gone by Saturday morning. A local government officer reacted to this by saying ‘all Jakarta bus shelters must be accounted for to avoid similar incidents in the future.’So forget ‘keep guard of your wallet’, you should keep guard of your bus shelter also! Next they’ll be stealing pedestrian crossing bridges. Thieves, steal the one in front of Pasaraya on the Iskandarsyah side, nobody uses it anyway.

Or… The Buses Will Just Take Longer Detours

At long last, the government is mulling over on changing the way public transport systems are paid.Right now, public transport routes are licensed to member companies of Organda (the Organization of Land Transportation Owners), who then require their drivers to pay a minimum per day to cover those license costs. This in turn causes the lack of service, the disregard of safety, the lack of maintenance, causing traffic jams, and generally a total suck as something supposed to satisfy the general public. Because this way, drivers will only care about making their minimum daily payment – to hell with what the passengers want, and to hell with the law!The new payment system proposed pays by the kilometer, and not by minimum payment, so that the drivers would stick to their routes.Although it took perhaps 20 years to see this glaring shortcoming, at least a big change will come. Who knows when.

But It’s All Just A Load Of Gas

After much fanfare and haggling, the city finally decides to pay for compressed natural gas (CNG) it has been using for Transjakarta buses. The amount owed is Rp 9.5 billion, for usage since May 2006 to March 2008.I must be missing something here… the CNG has been used, right? Why did it take so long to pay for it? And… why isn’t Transjakarta paying for it?

Let’s See How It Goes

The city administration and the police take a crack in disciplining motorcycles and buses.Good luck with that!

Walhi: Car-Free Days A Waste

The environmentally-friendly NGO has stated that the monthly ‘car-free’ days are a waste – of effort, I suppose – and has urged the government to halt this activity and reevaluate the actual effectiveness of the program. My take? I agree.The car-free day only clears up certain main roads in the city, which only displaces traffic, not stop it. This is similar to the bright idea of moving school hours half an hour earlier, without really attacking the root of traffic and pollution problems – too many cars and motorcycles!Maybe the car-free days should be extended to cover all of Jakarta, with the exception of public transport. Oh, I forget, those smoke-spewing buses are part of the problem…