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Maybe We Should Use Other Gases?

Let’s try to breakdown the logic of this problem:So 55 five buses for the Transjakarta armada are not operating. Why? No gas.Why no gas? No money to pay for it.Why no money to pay for it? The Transjakara general services department has not given the bus operators money to pay for the gas.Why haven’t Transjakarta paid the operator money for gas?And that, my friends, is the real question.

Thumbs Up To Suara Transjakarta

Hating people who cut lines on the Transjakarta queue, or people littering in the Transjakarta facilities?This lady (and her group) has the right idea: she always scolds people cutting in line, and tells on people who litter. For most Jakartans, it may be a bit harsh, but maybe it’s just what we need – we live in the city where people wear motorcycle helmets because of police nearby, and not for their own safety.Suara Transjakarta is, I think, a better way for citizen activism, compared to endless demonstrations in front of government buildings. These guys are not pro-government, mind you – they have their criticism towards the Transjakarta service as well. But they are working positively on how, at least, the average citizen can make Transjakarta better. Because if we want to make Jakarta more tolerable to live in, it’s also up to us, not just the government…

We Ain’t No City Buses


Note the ‘no turning to the left’ sign marked ‘city buses only’ (right top corner).

Back To The Drawing Board

I mentioned on this article about some sort of gate contraption that blocks the busway lane to vehicles other than the Transjakarta. Apparently it still doesn’t work, although it doesn’t have anything to do with the electronics this time. Motorcycle drivers still attempt to enter the busway lane, even with the large gate and signs indicating that they should not. I mean, look at the picture in the article, you can’t miss it even if you tried. Or maybe many Jakartan drivers do not know the meaning of this sign? I see the verboten sign ignored so often that it makes me wonder.Is it a problem of communication, or a problem of ignorance? And thus, these motorcycle drivers push to do anything to get where they’re going faster, so they have more time to sit in the pantry and smoke some cigarettes.Thanks to Aulia for pointing out the article.

Open Sesame

The Transjakarta management company is trying out automatic gates for the busway lanes to install at intersections, to avoid other cars, motorcycles and buses entering the busway lane (and making the busway lane totally pointless). It’s a good idea, but an idea is just an idea if you can’t put it into practise – the trial gate installed didn’t have enough electricity wattage to power it from the busway shelter. One can’t help to use this as an analogy to basically any other issue concerning the government.

Maybe He Can Phase Through Solid Matter?

A guy, wanting to get out faster out of the Transjakarta bus stop, gets out of the line going out through the gate to the gate next to it. He stops. Even though the exit gate is clearly marked and the entrance gates have ‘do not pass’ markings also, he still tries to go through, until he realises the gate is not meant for exiting. Then he goes back to the small line at the exit gate.How long was the line? 3 people long, and not even going slow at that.

It’s My Way Or The Busway

Tadinya gue mau nulis beberapa seri posting soal busway, tapi ternyata udah keduluan cewek ini. Gue sudah diizinkan oleh beliau untuk memposting ulang beberapa tulisannya di sini, jadi tunggu aja ya. Atau klik aja linknya, baca langsung di sumbernya.Memang niatan gue untuk memulai berbagai topik yang lain juga sih, tapi sejauh ini topik-topik baru selalu bermunculan. Namanya juga Jakarta, ga ada abis-abisnya bikin pusing atau heran. Nah kan ngelantur lagi…Anyway, sejak pertama dicanangkan, busway, atau Transjakarta tepatnya, udah jadi kontroversi. Banyak lah kontroversi itu, dari malah bikin makin macet, sampe mengganggu angkutan umum yang lain karena ngambil “jatah” penumpang. Tapi buat gue – dulu, keputusan untuk membuat busway itu jenius. Bukan jenius sih, tapi tepat waktu. Rencana semacam busway itu, percaya ga percaya, udah pernah ada sejak jaman Mbak Tutut dengan Citra Lamtorogungnya mengusulkan untuk membuat jalan khusus bis sepanjang Sudirman-Thamrin. Bedanya sedikit tapi bermakna – yang mau dibikin Mbak Tutut, buswaynya pada jalan layang. Jadi mikir kan, jaman dulu udah ada rencana-rencana apa lagi yang batal, padahal tepat guna… Read More…