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I Pig Your Pardon?

Here-s another precious headlne – City To Keep Close Eye On Pigs. So fellas, don’t be such a pig, the city is watching!Anyway. The controversy around swine flu had spread so fast and inaccurately, leading many to believe that eating pork would give you swine flu; or keeping pigs around would elevate the risk (as it is with bird flu). Well, no – the so-called ‘swine flu’ is simply named that way because it is a new mutation that predominantly contains strands from influenza that affects pigs. So it’s not because of working with, or eating, pig. And it certainly has no relevance on having a pig of an attitude or not.So reading back on the earlier article, even the government has misunderstood…

Hati-hati Ketinggalan Berita

Cuma di Jakarta.Kalau sering melihat berita di internet melalui portal-portal berita yang standar, pasti akan melihat 2 berita yang lumayan sering diulang-ulang hampir setiap hari soal Jakarta:

  • hati-hati, ada demo
  • hati-hati, akan hujan

Berita ini jauuuuh lebih penting untuk orang Jakarta ketimbang berita politik, sosial, keuangan, bisnis, apalagi ilmu pengetahuan. Mungkin karena, apapun yang akan terjadi di dunia politik, sosial de el el, nggak akan mempengaruhi kemacetan! Cuma demo dan hujan yang bisa memperparah. Dan nggak ada yang bisa mengurangi….

Siren Call

Odd Jakarta Fact #422:While we are all to familiar with the standard Hollywood movie scene where the sound of sirens means the police are coming to catch the bad guy, or the ambulances are coming to save you, it is a totally different reality in Jakarta. The sound of sirens means:

  • a convoy for a government official is passing through
  • a funeral convoy is passing through
  • the policeman/military police/any guy with a siren wants to get out of the traffic jam
  • the policeman/military police/any guy with a siren wants you to just simply get out of the way
  • a convoy of demonstrants is passing through, usually accompanied with the sounds of the demontrant’s megaphones or banging on the sides of the bus to a rhythm
  • a convoy of Persija fans is passing through

Rp 10.000 can get you…

  • …  1 American dollar.
  • … a meal with rice, a piece of chicken and maybe some vegetables.
  • … 1 big bottle of Coca-cola.
  • … handphone reload enough for around 50 short messages (standard rate).
  • … low-quality ID tag lanyard.
  • … pirated CD or DVD.
  • … 1 gallon of generic mineral water.
  • … a fake Disney cartoon character wallet.
  • … a glass of mango juice.
  • … a pair of rubber sandals.
  • … 3 bars of soap.
  • … a 3-in-1 jockey for 1 ride.
  • … a pack of cigarettes.

But many Jakartans still live with under Rp 10.000 a day to spend, for anything. If you have an extra Rp 10.000 at the end of the day, make sure it somehow goes to someone who might need it more than you.You can stop poverty in Jakarta. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just do it.

I Think The Blinking Lights Are Pretty, But Get Out Of My Way Already

Odd Jakarta Fact #671:Motorcycles, public transport and pickups use hand signals before turning, whether or not the turning sign light works. In most cases the light works but only becomes some sort of decorative element, blinking away even though on the highway; and in other cases they simply don’t work – with motorcycles, most often all the lights don’t work anyway. Most often, the hand signals are used at the instant the vehicle is turning right or left, and not before. There are cases where feet are used instead of hands for the signals.For the aforementioned vehicles, the usage of the turning sign on other vehicles i.e. cars, other buses, is also treated as a decorative element and wholly disregarded until the vehicle actually does turn. At this point said motorcycle, pickup or public transport will honk their horns generously.

I’d Like A Double Bed In My Cell, Please – Here’s Your Tip

In the drive to bring Indonesia to international standards, in terms of industry, agriculture, tourism, education and the like, but I never thought this would come up in the headlines. The thing that bothers me is, why just focus on the nice chaps who skimmed from the country’s money? Why can’t the Standard Minimum Rules apply to all prisoners? We all hear that jails in Jakarta are, well, suitable for fungus but nothing else, but why is there sudden attention to SMR when corruptors are around?Well, that’s what friends are for…

Jakarta In The Fasting Month Is…

  1. hell of a traffic jam between 3 PM and 6 PM
  2. sudden disappearance of traffic jam 6 PM onwards

Be sure you’re in the right place at the right time, or else you’d be in traffic from 3 PM to 6 PM anyway…