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Sign Of The Times?


Seen on a Gramedia bookshelf – a Quran-reciting VCD sitting quietly next to the “Hantu Jamu Gendong” VCD.

In The Meantime, Let’s Honk To The Beat

So Jakarta aspires to become an international music city. It makes sense, given the amount of large-scale music events and festivals recently held in Jakarta. One thing: if Jakarta can manage to convert the howling din of daily honking from cars, buses, motorcycles and sate sellers into music, it certainly would earn that title.Maybe Plis Deh Jakarta can start a side business selling musical car horns?

Somehow The Baloons Just Aren’t Right


A man dressing as a clown entertains a group of boys after a free mass circumcision at Kana Clinic in Jakarta on Saturday. Around 150 boys from poor families were circumcised. Antara/Ujang Zaelani

Singing ‘Copacobana’ All The Way To Surabaya… And Back

All you karaoke lovers out there can sing your way to Surabaya in a plan from PT Kereta Api to hire out a refurbished antique locomotive for the Jakarta-Surabaya trip. The company plans to rent out Joko Kendil – the train’s name – for Rp 60 million per trip, and for that purpose the train will be outfitted with meeting rooms complete with LCD screen, sofas, and, you guessed it, a karaoke machine.Well, as much as I’d like to ridicule it, it’s actually an interesting business idea! Maybe RCTI should hire it for a non-stop accelerated new season of Indonesian Idol, as a 18-hour uncut live telecast.

How About Hum Bar?

There are many controversies around the relatively new Buddha Bar, part of the Buddha Bar franchise. Some have said it to be ‘selective’ of clients, some students and religious groups have protested the blasphemy of the bar’s name, and now corruption watchdogs are looking into the strange fact that the building housing the bar was bought and renovated with taxpayer money, yet rented out to daughters of top officials. Now the bar is considering a name change, so I guess eventually it can keep servicing its preferred clientele with peace.Um… all this fuss about a bar? The funny thing is, the Religious Affairs minister said if Buddha Bar was allowed to keep its name, it would prompt other bars to name themselves ‘Christian Bar’ or ‘Islam Bar’. Right.

Up To You, You’re The Jazz Expert

Overheard at Java Jazz Festival 2009:

“Yuk kita nonton RAN aja, Tohpati kurang ngejazz nih….”

Thanks to Dika.

I peed at Tabac, and I didn???t buy anything.


I used to love Tabac Kemang. Until tonight.Sure, some friends like to say “what’s so great about that place? It’s bloody expensive, pretentious, and the crowd is not even that flattering”Well, I felt differently. I went there occasionally. As a meeting point to meet friends, or as the final destination after a fun night of club hopping.I had fun memories there. From doing a split just to amuse my friends after a few glass of beers (see pic below), or simply having a fun night out for winding myself down after a stressful day at work.Read the rest of Chibialfa’s entry here. Believe me, it’s appaling!

Oh Well


I feel sorry for the concert promotors….

TV Is The New Truth

So this guy found out he was actually doing something wrong seeing himself on TV, in a news item reporting the search for him as the head of a deviant sect.So I guess he didn’t realize that exchanging partners between married coulples was frowned upon in Indonesia until he turned on the telly.