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The Speed Demon Near You

Jakartans are obsessed about speed. Really, really obsessed. Want proof? Try driving at rush hour; you’ll see motorcycles, buses and other cars trying to overtake you with every essence of their body, as if it’s the only thing in the world left to do. Some motorists would even drive on the pedestrian walks or various incarnations of what is vaguely set aside for pedestrians, just so they can go one-up ahead of the next car (notice that I’m not mentioning motorcycles specifically… because even cars and buses do it).Or try cramming in line to the Transjakarta at rush hour, as I once talked about in a previous post. Once the doors slide open, it’s a competition to get in the fastest, regardless of whether you arrived earlier or later at the bus stop. Same goes for when people get off.Then why is it, the same speed does not apply for when Jakartans get off escalators or elevators? Seriously.