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FPI: The New Guardian Of The Law, And Curator Of Art, As Well


So the statue above is apparently so offensive or something that it has to go, well at least according to FPI, and despite the protests from the artist, I Nyoman Nuarta. The Bekasi mayor has bowed down to pressure and ordered the destruction of the statue within 21 days, citing that it has no permit, among other reasons.

So I suppose we should tear down the Kereta Kencana statue and any other I Nyoman Nuarta work of art (as he always takes inspiration from living things), just because FPI says so.

And this from the group which tried to disband a transsexual rights forum, thinking it was a drag queen show. Bravo! At this rate, they’ll be running the city any time soon.

Safety versus Profit Conspiracies

Reader comments on an article reporting on the new rules and fines being imposed to motorcycle riders cover a range of reactions; from the usual:- it’s about time there was a crackdown on the reckless motorcycle ridersto the somewhat illogical:- if this goes on, sooner or later they’ll be fining pedestriansto the conspiracy theorists:- this rule does not side with the ‘little people’. It is a conspiracy between the city administration and the producers of motorcycle headlights to increase sales.So I wonder how people would react to the rule where drivers are not allowed to make calls while driving? Maybe they’ll say it’s a conspiracy between the city administration and producers of cellphone handsfree kits.That said, I am not aware if this HP handsfree rule applies to motorcyclists, which we still often see making calls while riding their motorcycles.

So Do You Wonder Where The Extra 2 Pills Went?

An ojek driver was caught carrying 998 ecstasy pills by the police in a spot check in North Jakarta.Perhaps he wasn’t riding in a straight line? No, that can’t be it, since most motorcyclists in Jakarta don’t ride in a straight line anyway.

But We Practice This Circus Act Every day


A family of four on a motorcycle whizzing through the streets of Jakarta on Thursday. (Photo: Afriadi Hikmal, JG)

There is a new rule which bans people from riding motorcycles with more than one passenger. The rule also applies for carrying oversize luggage on a motorcycle. But apparently, the rule will only apply for people going home in the Lebaran season.So, safety first only applies in the holidays?

Free Helmets = Safety Awareness?

This is smart! Rather than hounding motorcyclists at every corner, the police simply distributed free helmets. Well, it sort of feels like handing our condoms without sex education, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.Then again, you never know if the free helmets aren’t left at home or sold.

We’ll Take Just The Cash, Please

So you think those ATMs are built like mini bank-vaults, eh? That’s true, actually; it’s very hard to break in an ATM machine and get all the money out, at least in the amount of time the authorities wouldn’t have noticed. So these guys just took the whole thing so they could pick it apart in peace somewhere.It’s either that, or they just intend to sell the whole ATM machine to someone…

Wanted: Defamation Law Specialists

Similar to the much-hyped Bu Prita versus RS Omni International case, there is another case where somebody bought a shophouse (ruko) from ITC Mangga Dua, in which he was apparently led to believe that he had purchased full rights to the land, when in fact he had only purchased usage rights. After asking for clarity on the issue, he was ignored, then threatened, which led him to write to 2 national newspapers complaining of his case.He has now been sued by ITC Mangga Dua’s management for… defamation. He has previously lost a civil lawsuit, and now faces the criminal charges.Hey, we don’t know yet who is right or wrong, but the defamation law is apparently becoming popular…

Police Chief Busted By… Police

A subdistrict police chief was among the several officers arrested by a police raid aimed at ‘bad cops’. After a few police members routinely failed to show up at morning briefing sessions, they did a little digging and found out that the arrested police officers were ‘havng too much fun at the nightclubs’.Boys will be boys, I guess, even with stripes on the cuff.

So What Will They Steal Next?

A bus shelter was reportedly stolen Friday night – it was last seen still standing at 8 pm Friday, yet was already gone by Saturday morning. A local government officer reacted to this by saying ‘all Jakarta bus shelters must be accounted for to avoid similar incidents in the future.’So forget ‘keep guard of your wallet’, you should keep guard of your bus shelter also! Next they’ll be stealing pedestrian crossing bridges. Thieves, steal the one in front of Pasaraya on the Iskandarsyah side, nobody uses it anyway.

Trying To Smoke ‘Em Out Again

So tomorrow, the city government will attempt to restart the smoking ban that supposedly is already in effect, yet ignored by many Jakartans.In light of the recent alleged ban on Facebook, perhaps it is just simpler to ban everything instead of educating and reasoning. If people don’t understand why there is a ban, people wouldn’t care as much. Then again, all the reasoning in the world still hasn’t persuaded many Jakartans to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, either, except in the presence of police. Maybe there will be teams of police raiding smokers? Ha!