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When One Hand Is Steering The Motorcycle, The Other Is…

… holding a gallon-sized water bottle…. holding the helmet he or she is supposed to wear…. calling on the phone…. SMS-ing on the phone…. holding a cigarette…. holding a bag of groceries…. holding a baby (!)… carrying a long plank of wood…. waving those flashlight-cum-lightsaber thingys usually used for directing traffic.

So Do You Wonder Where The Extra 2 Pills Went?

An ojek driver was caught carrying 998 ecstasy pills by the police in a spot check in North Jakarta.Perhaps he wasn’t riding in a straight line? No, that can’t be it, since most motorcyclists in Jakarta don’t ride in a straight line anyway.

Free Helmets = Safety Awareness?

This is smart! Rather than hounding motorcyclists at every corner, the police simply distributed free helmets. Well, it sort of feels like handing our condoms without sex education, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.Then again, you never know if the free helmets aren’t left at home or sold.

Bang Foke: Stay Away From My Taxes

The governer, in an applausable move, has rejected the lowering of automotive taxes proposed by the Finance Industry and Jakarta Revenue Agency. Why yes, it will remain a very big burden to motor vehicle owners, but see what happens when the tax is lowered:

  • lower taxes means more people will buy cars or motorcycles.
  • more cars and motorcycles equals worse traffic jams!
  • more traffic jams actually hurt the economy more than it will impact the supposed revenue that comes from the increase of peope buying cars or motorcycles.

Note that the taxes have not been raised either. So Bang Foke has basically stated that “this is my call, not yours” to those agencies, and further pointing out that if we want to have a stimulus package for the industry, it shouldn’t be by cutting revenue here and there – it should be one that actually creates jobs.Let me take that point a bit further – reviving the economy doesn’t mean selling more cars *winking at Gaikindo*, but it means making sure the people have enough money to spend. And for that to happen, it shouldn’t be just considering one industry out of the thousands available in Jakarta.Maybe Gaikindo can take a hint from the telco operators, where they are actually decreasing their prices, but making money elsewhere from the same subscribers.

No Obstacle Cannot Be Overcome… By My Motorcycle

Jalan RE Martadinata was flooded up to 30 cm on Sunday (14/12), but somehow several motorcycle drivers thought they could go through the water. Well, waddayaknow? The motorcycles broke down and they had to push it along on foot.That’s taking the struggle slogan ‘maju terus pantang mundur’ (forever onwards and never step back) a bit too far…

Who Needs Trucks? (Reprise)


This balancing act belongs in the circus…

Of Course, The Idea Makes Sense… But It’s Just An Idea

This must be one of the most refreshing headlines I have read recently. But can it really be done? If one were to study the flow of motorcycle traffic in Jakarta, it would be work fit for a mathematician fluent in chaos theory – in simplest terms, like studying where water will flow given the high amount of variables and external factors. And taking from that simple example, perhaps motorcycle traffic should be managed the same way water is – in leakproof pipes with its own system of ducts, taps, waterways and blocks.Then again, Jakarta can’t even manage its own water flows, especially when rainy season comes…

In Jakarta, You Don’t Drive To The Store,…


… the store comes to you. So no more forgetting about the shopping list.

On-Board Entertainment


I wonder what the selection of movies are?