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In The Meantime, Let’s Honk To The Beat

So Jakarta aspires to become an international music city. It makes sense, given the amount of large-scale music events and festivals recently held in Jakarta. One thing: if Jakarta can manage to convert the howling din of daily honking from cars, buses, motorcycles and sate sellers into music, it certainly would earn that title.Maybe Plis Deh Jakarta can start a side business selling musical car horns?

Maybe We Should At Least Try To Decrease Noise?

Today is Hari Raya Nyepi, where Balinese Hindus usually celebrate by self-reflection in silence – there can be no fires lit (and lights need to be kept low), no work, no entertainment and leisure, no travelling, and for some, no talking and eating at all. In effect, for one day, Bali shuts down.Jakarta will stay noisy today thank you very much.

[Don’t Listen To This]

Kenapa sih?Mungkin karena sudah terlampau sering dan terbiasa mendengar bisingnya klakson, knalpot, suara orang berantem, suara orang ngomong di HP kenceng-kenceng, suara ringtone HP kenceng dan ganggu, suara musik kenceng dari kios-kios penjual CD dan DVD bajakan, teriakan kenek dan penjual minum, pengamen, pengumuman car call, suara proyek bangunan… orang Jakarta jadi tidak bisa menyimak.Simply put: people can hear but they can’t listen anymore.