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Bang Foke: The Sea Reclamation Will Have No Environmental Ramifications

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo has thumbed his nose at a Supreme Court ruling and said the city will forge ahead with a major sea reclamation project. (JG Photo/Jurnasyanto Sukarno)”


Bang Foke is pushing ahead with the sea reclamation project in North Jakarta, despite environmental experts saying that it will be disastrous, and even despite blocks from the State Ministry of the Environment and the Supreme Court.


In a somewhat signature act of far-flung vision with terrible planning, the outgoing governor, Sutiyoso, launched the city water taxis in June 2007, spending Rp 200 billion on the facilities with a pilot project serving a 1.7 km route with two 28-person boats. So where is it now?The first few trips failed when, among others, garbage got stuck in the boat’s rotors. This, and not to mention that apparently not all of Ciliwung River can be dredged to serve such a water transport service.So Rp 200 billion and ambition = nothing happening.

Jakarta Is The Cleanest City In Indonesia, Right?


Two boys sift through discarded waste floating on a river in Jakarta on Friday. (Photo: Adek Berry, Reuters) - The Jakarta Globe

So apparently, Jakarta has won 5 Adipura awards, which are awards issued for environmental awareness. All 5 Jakarta municipalities given the awards were the ones who managed to keep their areas clean, and supposedly being the greenest and cleanest in Indonesia.Perhaps they kept the streets clean by sweeping everything into the river…

Smelly Declaration

To declare their alliance for the upcoming presidential elections, the Megawati-Prabowo election team has selected the Bantar Gebang dumpsite for the location, for some sort of PR effect – I think they want to be seen as ‘close to the people’.Yet I guess their definition of ‘leave the dumpsite as it has always been’ means setting up a huge stage and tent, placing down a walkway made of placing blocks, and so on, and is actually a few hundred meters from the actual dumpsite.The only thing they did not try to get rid of was the smell – hopefully the smell is enough for the campaign team to not just make this into a PR event, but something to act on.

Some People Just Can’t Be Told What To Do


A man puffs on his cigarette at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Central Jakarta, Monday. Amid the lack of officers to enforce the bylaw, many Jakartans still violate the ruling. Jakarta Post/Nurhayati

Missing: Rubbish Bins

Apparently, the reason why Jakartans don’t throw their litter the right place, is because, there are no rubbish bins around. And why is this? They keep getting stolen!

Oh Yes! We Only Have To Wait 16 Years

Last month, the government unveiled their plan to make Jakarta flood-free by 2025.Yipeee. What do we do for the intervening 16 years? But to give the government some credit, the plan is seemingly comprehensive… then again, I have never seen any project continued consistently for 4 years, let alone 16. I’m not even sure if they have integrated this into other grand plans i.e. overhauling the public transport network, creation of cheaper housing complexes and so on.But hey kids, there’s always something we can do, right? Like making sure we dont litter the rivers in the first place.

Which Might Say The Activity Itself Is… Pointless

There have been complaints from residents who felt their activities have been disrupted by the activty, so Jakarta’s environmental agency has cut the so-called ‘car free day’, which originally starts at 6 AM to 2 PM, 2 hours short to end at 12 PM.Some people apparently do not get the point.

Maybe These ‘Smart Parks’ Should Be Inside Buses

When I read the headline, I thought the term ‘smart park’ was used like it is used for ‘smart phone’, ‘smart car’ and ‘smart house’, whereas the object involved becomes ‘smart’ and can anticipate a user’s needs due to certain hardware or software. So what of ‘smart parks’? Automatic irrigation, automatic umbrellas, and when you leave the park money is automatically deducted from your bank account for parking or something? Oh, nooo.These ‘smart parks’, or Taman Pintar, are meant to give an experience of reading outdoors to students, giving an alternative to the classroom, where reading interest is low.This is interesting – some government officials, obviously appealed by the romaticism of relaxing in a park to read a book, just like in those American movies, made this move – where I don’t think said officials have hardly ever read a book outside in Jakarta’s daily weather, even under a tree’s shade. The scorching heat or the torrential rains, complete with air and noise pollution, wouldn’t be a very attractive place to read. Can you imagine some high school kid trying to get through a quantum physics book, sweating like a pig in the heat, or sitting under a small umbrella in a storm?My opinion? The desire to read is actually high – but just not study material 😀