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Especially Expert At Stating The Obvious

Experts say, Jakarta’s public transport system needs an overhaul.

…there would be no ease-up in the daily traffic jams experienced by residents in the capital unless major changes were made to the public transportation system.

Who says Indonesia doesn’t have any smart people?

Sign Of The Times?


Seen on a Gramedia bookshelf – a Quran-reciting VCD sitting quietly next to the “Hantu Jamu Gendong” VCD.

Jakartan Scale Of Stupidity

Here is Plis Deh Jakarta’s scale of stupidity, 1 being simply dumb, 10 being outright idiotic:

  1. picking your nose in a parliamentary session
  2. using your BlackBerry while driving (c’mon guys… admit this is stupid)
  3. trying to overthrow the government by burning tires in the street and hunger strikes
  4. throwing trash in the river, then blaming the government for mismanaging floods
  5. street demonstrations by whoever, provoking the cops to take action then claiming police brutality
  6. queueing 5 hours to get a pair of sandals
  7. crossing the street where there’s obviously a pedestrian bridge
  8. overtaking traffic jams at a bottleneck (do’oh!)
  9. riding a motorcycle while one hand is holding something else (cigarette, phone, LPG gas tank, 1 gallon water bottle, baby, etc)
  10. SMS-ing while riding your motorcycle, without a helmet and no headlights at night

If you don’t agree (or perhaps offended :P) by our list, don’t bitch! Make your own list and put ‘writing/reading Plis Deh Jakarta’ on the top. We won’t mind 😀



contributed by iiiccchhhaaa and unwinged. Thanks!

Safety versus Profit Conspiracies

Reader comments on an article reporting on the new rules and fines being imposed to motorcycle riders cover a range of reactions; from the usual:- it’s about time there was a crackdown on the reckless motorcycle ridersto the somewhat illogical:- if this goes on, sooner or later they’ll be fining pedestriansto the conspiracy theorists:- this rule does not side with the ‘little people’. It is a conspiracy between the city administration and the producers of motorcycle headlights to increase sales.So I wonder how people would react to the rule where drivers are not allowed to make calls while driving? Maybe they’ll say it’s a conspiracy between the city administration and producers of cellphone handsfree kits.That said, I am not aware if this HP handsfree rule applies to motorcyclists, which we still often see making calls while riding their motorcycles.