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It Couldn’t Be More Obvious Than That

Force Vehicles Off Roads to Cut Gridlock: ExpertCurb vehicle ownership by additional taxes for 2nd or 3rd vehicle, road taxes, build effective public transportation systems, etc. etc.

One Way To Nowhere In Particular

So, Jl. Pangeran Antasari, one of the busiest roads in South Jakarta, is going to be made a one-way street. Problem is, the Jakarta city administration hasn’t figured out which way.Really increases my level of confidence in their planning capabilities…

Safety versus Profit Conspiracies

Reader comments on an article reporting on the new rules and fines being imposed to motorcycle riders cover a range of reactions; from the usual:- it’s about time there was a crackdown on the reckless motorcycle ridersto the somewhat illogical:- if this goes on, sooner or later they’ll be fining pedestriansto the conspiracy theorists:- this rule does not side with the ‘little people’. It is a conspiracy between the city administration and the producers of motorcycle headlights to increase sales.So I wonder how people would react to the rule where drivers are not allowed to make calls while driving? Maybe they’ll say it’s a conspiracy between the city administration and producers of cellphone handsfree kits.That said, I am not aware if this HP handsfree rule applies to motorcyclists, which we still often see making calls while riding their motorcycles.

In The Meantime, Let’s Honk To The Beat

So Jakarta aspires to become an international music city. It makes sense, given the amount of large-scale music events and festivals recently held in Jakarta. One thing: if Jakarta can manage to convert the howling din of daily honking from cars, buses, motorcycles and sate sellers into music, it certainly would earn that title.Maybe Plis Deh Jakarta can start a side business selling musical car horns?

When One Hand Is Steering The Motorcycle, The Other Is…

… holding a gallon-sized water bottle…. holding the helmet he or she is supposed to wear…. calling on the phone…. SMS-ing on the phone…. holding a cigarette…. holding a bag of groceries…. holding a baby (!)… carrying a long plank of wood…. waving those flashlight-cum-lightsaber thingys usually used for directing traffic.

But We Practice This Circus Act Every day


A family of four on a motorcycle whizzing through the streets of Jakarta on Thursday. (Photo: Afriadi Hikmal, JG)

There is a new rule which bans people from riding motorcycles with more than one passenger. The rule also applies for carrying oversize luggage on a motorcycle. But apparently, the rule will only apply for people going home in the Lebaran season.So, safety first only applies in the holidays?

Free Helmets = Safety Awareness?

This is smart! Rather than hounding motorcyclists at every corner, the police simply distributed free helmets. Well, it sort of feels like handing our condoms without sex education, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.Then again, you never know if the free helmets aren’t left at home or sold.

Driver: "Those Multicolor Lights Are Pretty"

I was always under the impression that the city’s traffic lights, however chaotic, had some sort of outdated underlying system coordinating everything. WRONG. It’s all just random – no wonder we need police officers maintaining the busy intersections at rush hour, or else it would be even worse.Enter the research arm from UI, assisted by the University of Nagoya, who are trying to figure out on how to synchronize all the traffic lights in Jakarta, in a 4-year project that has started since 2008. They are saying, “synchronized traffic lights could be the answer”. Strangely, the head of the Traffic Management Centre did not know this project was going on.Well, as long as everybody obeys the traffic lights, we could have a winner here. And that’s even assuming the traffic lights will be on.

Thumbs Up To Suara Transjakarta

Hating people who cut lines on the Transjakarta queue, or people littering in the Transjakarta facilities?This lady (and her group) has the right idea: she always scolds people cutting in line, and tells on people who litter. For most Jakartans, it may be a bit harsh, but maybe it’s just what we need – we live in the city where people wear motorcycle helmets because of police nearby, and not for their own safety.Suara Transjakarta is, I think, a better way for citizen activism, compared to endless demonstrations in front of government buildings. These guys are not pro-government, mind you – they have their criticism towards the Transjakarta service as well. But they are working positively on how, at least, the average citizen can make Transjakarta better. Because if we want to make Jakarta more tolerable to live in, it’s also up to us, not just the government…

Nobody Goes This Way


Vehicles passing a partly subsided stretch of Jl. Ciputat Raya near the Pondok Pinang intersection in South Jakarta on Monday. Antara state news agency reported that the road has been in this condition for quite some time. Antara/Paramayuda