Archive | September 2006

New Things, New Steps

Hey guys… it’s been pretty busy, so I’ve had no time to update my blog (not to mention that my computer is still being used routinely for some office work). So…. here are some updates, as clear as they get, no funny words or long sentences, just pure crystal facts.

– cancelled the move to another company. Reason: didn’t feel like the right thing to do, although I sort of forced myself onto the new challenge. Lesson: always, always listen to your heart. Outcome: I am still with my previous company, having turned down yet another prestigious job offer.
– have been keeping up with the Mac mailing lists more often lately. Reason: a new computer, finally! It’s a black Macbook, and although it definitely needs more RAM, it is sufficiently powerful for producing some audio work for office business. Lesson: be grateful for what you’ve got. Outcome: I have renewed enthusiasm for the computer experience. The downside is, I have almost officially lost all my Windows troubleshooting skills, now that I am spoilt with Mac OS stability.
– we (Dad, Mom, and especially me) decided to buy back the old Corona that I used to drive in college. I have been mulling over buying a car (new or used) for at least a year, and the neighbor who bought the car from us sold it back for a good price, in a fairly better condition (hint: it’s cold inside now). I will be using the car daily. Reason: there are two parts; first is cost saving (since between Saskia and myself, we use taxis a lot to go everywhere, and it’s starting to pinch our pockets), and another step towards independence. Lesson: responsibility, personal finance management, future planning. It’s better for me to keep the old thing going but to buy it outright (rather than pay 4 year installments on a new car), so when I do have the money, I spend it on a house or apartement (which value rises over time, as opposed to a car). Outcome: I have joined the fleet of commuters that go to and fro from the Sudirman area; luckily my office building is located where I don’t have to go through the 3-in-1 area.

Things have been going so well lately, I must always remind myself to be grateful and say thanks to the Big Guy above looking out for me. We should all do that more often…