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Reflecting And Hoping

It’s been a while since I really sat down and wrote something for this blog. Well, something about me, rather than my opinions about #indonesiaunite and all…

I know it’s rather commonplace today, where [almost] everybody has a blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page… but I would like to mention that I have been blogging for 5 years.

Let that sink in. Five. Years.

Five years of continuing to write – I’ll use the term ‘continuing’ loosely, as lately most of my writing has been more exclusively via Twitter. I guess not all thoughts require a rambling, 10-paragraph blog post. But still, it is needed sometimes, and therefore the blog will not die. The blog will evolve somewhat, just as my blog has evolved for the past 5 years. It used to be on Blogspot, then I got active on Multiply, and now it’s on WordPress where it will hopefully will stay. I have maintained all three with the same content as they cater to different, if somewhat minuscule, audiences.

The blog itself has changed names twice (if you don’t count the modifications to the name when moving to new blog services), from ‘A New Leaf’ to ‘Positivity’. The blog’s name and title, still reminds me on what I should be, and what I was before.

Then again, it’s a bit startling to read blog posts from 3 or 4 years ago – I surprise myself with my own writing. It seems to have been written by another person, although I know for a fact that I wrote it myself. Has my writing improved? I don’t know, the reader is the judge.

And this blog, with its various incarnations, has accompanied me through many, many things – although I never have directly written what was going on as a personal journal would entail, I think the ramblings, thoughts and statements suffice enough to give the reader a picture of what’s going on. And also, still, not everything can be talked about on a blog, haha. That said, there is a lot of stuff that I wish I could write about here – but some stories are better told directly and verbally 🙂

What will the next 5 years bring for me, and in turn show up on my blog? We’ll see. As wise men say, man may plan, but God is the one who decides…

Happy new year, everybody.