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How Very Reassuring


This picture was taken very recently – note the service date.

Sounds Like An After School Brawl

With everybody blaming each other, more breakouts of violence occured between FPI and some other people wearing Banser T-shirts near the location where Habib Riziek is on trial. I tried to read through and make sense of the article yet I got lost when an FPI guy tied the Banser guys to AKKBB. How are they tied? And why are they so obviously all wearing Banser T-shirts?I’ve seen what happens in these kinds of brawls and things escalate quickly from verbal abuse to the first attack – every party will blame the other for the first strike, without it being obvious on who actually did. At some point the issue is not about religion anymore.


I see on TV that Pakistan only has 3 months’ worth of money left.
The news of melamin showing up in Chinese milk products shows how desperate the companies are for better margins (and more money).
I read about middle-class Californians living in their cars in Santa Barbara, because they lost their homes.
America is digging its own hole with the $700 billion bank bailout.
Japan’s government is a mess while their economy is also hurt by the goings-on in America – and they posted a rare trade deficit.
Russia is pissing off everybody, to no apparent reason.

For all its faults, Indonesia doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Oh Documents, Wherefore Art Thou?

In anticipation of the yearly ‘addition’ of Jakarta pseudo-residents from an influx of people from other areas coming back to Jakarta post-Lebaran, the government is heavily pushing the message ‘don’t come to Jakarta’. There’s a fine for those who do not have ‘the proper documents’.Anyone have any idea what ‘proper documents’ are needed? Might as well charge Rp 5 million entrance fee to each newcomer and give them an orientation brochure on surviving in Jakarta.

Habib Riziek, My New Hero

You may wonder “eh, am I reading the title right?”

Yes folks, in one weird way, Habib Riziek is my new hero. For a very specific reason.
I don’t agree with him on generally everything else, but for this, cheers to you mate. Somebody finally put the questions circulating in blogs and gossip circles into mainstream media.