Archive | March 2007

My New Room!

Saski helped me move into my new room last Saturday, because I felt that I would be needing some extra space in the future, and was afraid that the room would be taken by somebody else. The new room is in the same house I live on Dharmawangsa X, but more expensive because of the size. But… just look at it!

Remember To Be Thankful

I had two short but similar conversations over chat with two friends I have not met for some time; one is a college friend, and one I know from work circles. When catching up, we all usually ask the same thing: how’s things? how’s life?
One friend asked in general terms, one broke it down into three categories: love, work, friends.

And all I could answer was: everything’s great!

Let me be more specific on this… it’s not that everything is perfect; everything has its share of problems, but I can handle the problems and appreciate them as part of life. I’m even calmer now when it comes to dealing with noisy doorbells or annoying motorcycles. Well, maybe not that calm… but it’s ok.

So, instead of falling in the same trap over and over like before, I want to remember to be thankful every minute and every day….

And if I may recommend to friends and fellow bloggers… take a short look at what you have, and be thankful.