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Loving The Camera

Last night, I was unwinding on the bed, when suddenly Meong sent me a text message – ‘Joe! You’re On TV!’ I immediately turned on the TV and sure enough, there I was… I helped Sacha out for her show last year, reviewing some music phones, and finally I got to watch the episode, heheh. Some other friends spotted me and sent text messages as well, and this morning Mom called saying she watched me as well, as my uncle spotted me and called them to watch.

Boy, I look fat. But I’ll try to love the camera…

Krayola @ STIE Trisakti

Atas bantuan manajer Krayola yang baru, Anye, kita berkesempatan untuk manggung di acara ‘MTV Tamu Istimewa’, lokasinya di STIE Trisakti, Grogol. Kebetulan kita yang manggung pertama…di bawah ada slideshownya, silakan menikmati…


Ever feel the dread, just when you wake in the morning?
Ever feel your eyes heavy the split second before slumber?

It’s a good thing I have my beloved chocolate caramel, or else I’d be nuts by now.

On The Prowl

Hunting for purposedly dropped scraps of food, negotiating the jungle of sofas and other furniture; sleping under the shade of tables; seeking out petting as the only reward of the grueling feline life.

It’s tough being a house cat.

Ladies Looking At The Monitor

I wonder what they are looking at? Seems mighty important.

Heartburned, But Not Of Love

I’m having heart problems, but not of the medical sort, and not the love/romance sort either…

Ever put your heart into something you love doing or working on, but only to meet utter disappointment and negative response in the end? It’s something like changing a flat tire in the pouring rain, only to find out the spare tire is flat as well after lowering the jack, but this time it’s multiplied exponentially. The bad feeling carries over to the only escape that most of us have from the real world, our dreams, and propagates back into our conciousness even stronger.

It’s psychological, definitely; picture waking up early in the morning and feeling tired already, but not just the body, but the soul as well. I feel drained even before the day takes its opportunity to drain me. But then again… it might be the consequences of what I am doing right now… the stress level comes with the package… but does it have to be this way?

I have a choice, right?