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I’m Not Sure Why…

The past few weeks have been a mixture of happiness, anguish, work, sitting idly and everything else that may go into the mix; hence the infrequent updates. The situation has left me so confused at times, that even when I did have time to write, I did not know what to write about. If I write about pain, it would not be wholly true… if I write about happiness, it would not be wholly true…
The future lies in hope, patience, virtue and passion, and also a lot of faith. Faith that everything will turn out fine, in the ways they should be.

So, as with the moments where I am usually lost for words, I ask my favorite songs to speak the mood:

“You And I”

Here we are
On earth together
It’s you and I
God has made us fall in love
It’s true
I’ve really found
Someone like you
Will it stay
The love you feel for me
Will you say
That you will be by my side
To see me through
Until my life is through
Well in my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I, you and I…
I’m glad
At least in my life
I’ve found someone
That may not be here forever
To see me through
But I found strength in you
Cause in my mind
You will stay here always
In love you and I
You and I, you and I
You and I, you and I
You and I
In my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I, you and I
You and I…

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

Purposedly watching this movie at Premiere, complete with plush reclining chairs, blankets, crisp projection system and superd audio system (with a high price to match) with Jacky and Yadi, I felt that the movie has had to be worth it. Giving a taste of the high life at a supposedly overpriced movie theatre was experimental at best.
But damn, it was worth it. Really. Before watching, I had already picked up blabber from the Net and a couple of friends that in some ways it was unsatisfying, but I remained unchanged, I have to watch; Star Wars is so much a part of my childhood and who I am today, more or less, so watching it was more of an obligation. From the beginning sequences, I was already touched; the opening music, and the unique text scrolling telling the story so far…. and that amazing battle sequence! I had a headache trying to keep up with the details of the battle scenes…
Story-wise, the movie certainly completes the arc from Episode 1, the Phantom Menace to Episode 6, Return Of The Jedi, and the implications, connections and even inconsistencies will be talked about by fans for years on ahead, and probably inspire a new wave of fan fiction (if not official stories from the franchise). The most special thing about the science-fiction genre is always how the filmakers (or authors) could describe entire different worlds, how a certain technology works, or simply dazzle us with futuristic landscapes, and this movie certainly pays off in that aspect. The space battles, the lightsaber fights, and everything else, are certainly for viewing (and viewing again).
The only downside of the movie was actually the dramatic part; at some points it felt a bit long-winded, and the actors’ so-called acting did not help much. Hayden Christensen may of wanted to come off as a cool, indifferent Anakin Skywalker easily swayed by emotions, but when you could see the life in Obi-wan Kenobi’s eyes (played by superb actor Ewan MacGregor), you could not see the rage, the fears and so on in Anakin’s eyes. It was always flat, just like a boy in a school play. I have not seen his acting anywhere else, but here, it just feels… wooden. Natalie Portman, who looked absolutely dazzling in Episode 2, looked, well, ugly. Perhaps for a purpose as well… but it took away part of what blew me away watching Episode 2. The dialogue in general needs some work if it wants to be ingrained into viewer’s memories, but nevertheless, the story and the magnificent SFX would be more memorable.
At the end of the day…. I want to watch it again! George Lucas, thanks for the effort, we all loved it… let’s see if you can manage to slip down screenplays for Episode 7,8 and 9 to future generations; but with its flaws, I think Episode 3 already tops it.


Like an angel out the sky you came
Clearing up all the clouds, the sadness and the rain
So pure and healing was the love you bring
I knew inside…(it felt so right)

For me I’ve struggled all my life
To find that thing that makes it right
With you it seems I may have found
Some other kind of love

I will love you all my life
Always be by your side
And I will give you all I have
‘Cause you gave me peace and joy…again, again again

I was scared to let go and trust your love
After what I’ve been through I had had enough
Whispering through your eyes you never said a word
But something said…(your heart’s safe)

For me I’ve struggled all my life
To find that thing that makes it right
With you it seems I may have found
Some other kind of love

I will love you all my life
Always be by your side
And I will give you all I have
‘Cause you gave me peace and joy…again, again again

A friend is what you’ll always have in me
I am so grateful for the man you turned out to be
And it doesn’t matter who you happen to meet
You’ll forever be…(a sacred part of me)

(as sung by Jennifer Lopez)

Hope Springs

I hope this is it.
I hope it’s the one.
I hope it will work out okay.
I hope everything will smoothen out properly.
I hope I can take the trials of the journey.
I hope I can sort out the problems properly, maybe not to solve, but to accept and compromise.
I hope the journey is taking me in the proper direction.
I hope it’s right.
I hope it’s the best for me.
I hope for it to last.
I hope it can make me happy.
I hope, that even if it makes me sad, I can get through it.
I hope the band will be playing my tune for once.
I hope I can be more optimistic.
I hope I can invest more trust in it.
I hope I can be strong enough.
I hope I’m doing it right.
I hope it can be strong enough for me.
I hope it will drown away my depressive traits, but if not, hopefully it can soothe it well.
I hope…

I hope for hope.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

This movie is an adaptation from Douglas Adam’s acclaimed 5-book series of mixing science fiction and humor at its best, and being very British about it at the same time. The books of my childhood have finally come to life, in the first installation of hopefully movies following the subsequent sequels (well, the end of the movie hinted about it anyway).
I’m not sure if this movie will be box office, or even if it will even hit theaters in Indonesia (I watched it on DVD), but it is a definitely entertaining, if quaint movie. I’m not sure people may appreciate the movie like I do, but I must say that I loved the movie partly because I am familiar with the books, and the unique British wit that went into each line. No American moviemaker in his right mind would be able to make something like this.
The movie itself tells about the misadventures of Arthur Dent, your usual everyman in most aspects, who is trying to stop the government demolishing his house for a new freeway. In a quirk turn of events, the Earth itself is actually destroyed to make way for an interstellar highway, which is only part of Arthur Dent’s adventure cruising through the galaxy.
A definite must-watch for lovers of British comedy, science fiction, and perhaps those who love absolutely absurd and unnecessary movies.

Pakced As Hell!

I’m sure some readers notice that I have not posted anything here for at least a week; that’s because, well, finally, I’m trying to increase my effectiveness at work, whatever it is. This means more hours toiling away in front of the computer, or perhaps setting up and going to meetings; doing things with daily targets (it’s about time, man…) and sticking to them. Yeah, it’s about time I took myself to the next level and start to kick some ass!!
I am also starting to organize my life other than work, including timing my working out sessions, going out with friends, and everything. Although usually I was the organized type of person, at one point in time I decided I wanted to do everything more spontaneously and on-the-spot. This went rather well for a couple of years, but now the benefits of a more organized life is overshadowing that of a spontaneous life (well, not 100% organized, just more scheduled, that’s all) is beginning to settle in.
Time to start using that damn smartphone more effectively. Time to actually put down the task lists and appointments, instead of relying on my memory; as it’s getting to the point that it’s impossible to remember everything. Time to enforce some more discipline on myself, and perhaps my friends also… I even made a pact with Nelly that we would remind each other about work; at least motivate each other about work when things are just mundane.
Also… time to be more relaxed and start to enjoy life! Stop being so damn pessimistic! Start looking life in the eye and say “I got your game”.

wish me luck guys.


Somehow, I suprise even myself on how things move along so fast. Perhaps, they don’t really move as fast as I think or I would want it to, and things still actually linger in my head, but for now, I’m satisfied. Things are just exciting and interesting now. Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but at least I do not have the negative outlook I had a few days before… and you know what? I’m not afraid of it ending anymore… I’m just enjoying the ride…
I don’t know what’s ahead, but at least the energy that has been gone for a while is back, and I’m going to whip myself back into shape…