Archive | November 2006

Why Phi?

Today I’m sitting with Vira at Aksara Bookstore, doing what we used to do a long time ago: sit back at a free wi-fi place and browse the internet (blog, chat, what say you) on our laptops. Before we ate at Hoka Hoka Bento across the street before heading here (because the cafe was still closed anyway). Today was marked by me inadvertantly erasing 90% of Vira’s phonebook on her mobile when I tried to sync it with her Powerbook (I still don’t know what went wrong)…

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to go on the Net and do stuff in an environment which is other than office or home…

Meebo Me!

Check out the new Meebo feature on the side bar, it’s basically a shoutbox, but it’s linked to the powerfull Meebo site, which brings IM to the web, and helps IM-deprived environments like my office stay in touch through Yahoo! Messenger and other IM clients. Let’s see how it works lah…
Also new, is that this blog has migrated to the new Google-powered-and-linked system… but I have yet to find out what new features it has.

Since I’m reporting a lot of new stuff, I should report in my new room layout! Pictures coming soon, I have to take pictures with my new Motorola RAZR V3x, bought specially to dabble in the new 3G technologies coming online here. Alas, my only video call friend is Saskia, but I guess she’s the only one that counts, anyway 😉

Other than these new points, everything else is still basically the same. Well… not really the same… but.. maybe I’ll write some time later. I have to go to a “meeting”.

Fiddling (No, Not With The Instrument)

I’m Fiddling (as in tweaking, working it out, not playing a fiddle) with the Google Blogger widget; I must say the interface is much better than the previous Blogger widget that I used previously. Since this one is the one published by Google anyway, the look and feel is almost exactly the same as what I would get if I logged on to Blogger. 
So say goodbye to long logins on the web page (because of my slow internet connection); now I can just type my post on this widget and publish!