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What Lies Ahead for Digital Music Industry in Indonesia

After reading Aulia’s post, I felt that I needed to add to it with some more facts and insight, and throw in my own opinion about the much-discussed yet perceived-as-slow-to-develop  state of the music industry’s move to the digital medium in Indonesia.

Let’s get through some points in the article first:

  • most of the music labels work directly with the telcos to provide music content; and some content providers either aggregate content for smaller music labels, or develop their own artist roster to further capitalize the business potential of RBT.
  • The RBT service itself uses premium SMS to charge customers, because it’s the simplest way to do it. But the system itself differs than standard premium SMS services, because where usually premium SMS services have servers that sit at the content providers and route through the telco charging system, RBT systems are installed on the telco side.

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This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day (via The Daily What)

Makes you think how some people in Indonesia would react to a Christian-centric TV series.

This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: At the encouragement o…

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Pilih Sendiri Petualangan [Musik]mu

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Saya (ceritanya) anggota band. Sebuah band yang berkat bantuan si Aldo ini, sempet manggung di sebuah acara musik rock internasional yang berlangsung di Jakarta. Band ini juga yang cuma punya sederet kecil prestasi, yang tidak termasuk pernah rilis album. Kenapa? File-file masternya hilang. Klasiklah, masalah-masalahnya.

Konon sih band ini udah malang melintang dari jaman Poster Cafe, ikut festival dan pensi sana-sini, dan seperti banyak band lainnya sempat vakum, gonta-ganti personil. Pernah juga lagunya tembus ke no.1 chart indie sebuah radio Jakarta, dan lagu lain malah nyaris masuk ke kompilasi dari radio tersebut. Yah, banyak nyaris-nyarisnya lah.

Kalau melihat dari sisi profesional gue, yang pernah jadi anak major label, materinya bagus kok. Gak boong. Cuma gak mainstream aja. Dan menurut gue, kalau diaransir sedikit lain dan dinyanyikan orang lain, mungkin bisa jadi lagu pop yang bagus. Nggak akan pernah tau, karena nggak pernah dikerjain.

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Cloud Computing, Music, And What It Means For Music Discovery

So, cloud computing’s all the rage lately; it has seemingly become the latest marketing ‘buzzword’ that tech-based services need to use to ensure potential customers that their product is relevant with the times. And for a good reason too; the growth of the amount of internet-enabled devices we interact with every day, has made cloud computing a proposition that is become more and more relevant to the consumer public.

If cloud computing, where storage and processing power is relegated to servers “in the sky” instead of only relying on the device you are currently using, has already made inroads to business, then why not entertainment? The importance of the ‘cloud computing’ jargon for consumers is that they can access all their content, files and services through virtually any internet enabled device. Files are “safe”, service preferences are remembered, and almost always, a service with cloud computing capabilities can be accessed through any modern browser.

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