Reflection On A Significant Milestone

From last year’s first post:

Today… is the first day… of a somewhat new era.
Although i still have unfinished business of my past life, the gateway has been past.

Today, i start a new job, in a sort of new life, because through the past few months, so many things have changed around me and within me, and so i call today a new life. When before i worked at various small companies.. today i start working at a relatively big company, in a big building and all. The prospect of a new job, a new life alone is a bit intimidating for me, not to mention the trappings that go with the job.

Suddenly, i feel a wave of loneliness overcoming, as this new experience, this new life, comes with no one to share it with. And, just for a minute there while i was on the bus, i got a glimpse into the future, the monotony, the routine, of going to the same office, going to the same cubicle… and the apparent emptiness of it all.

So with this new life… i start something i’ve never really done before, which is… start a blog, and share with the world my feelings and thoughts.

Let’s see where the day carries me.

Here we go…
The steps I made, after a year, compared to what I wrote on my first post:

My unfinished business of my past life is somewhat settled, although the so-called new life brings about its own share of problems.

the job gets more strenuous by the minute, but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way. the life that goes with the job, is, well, rather tiring adn exciting at the same time. Things still change around me, and as they say, the only thing that stays constant in life is change itself anyway. I think I will be staying at this company for a couple of years, at least until I get everything going and get my act together. The job is okay, if not good.

Those waves of loneliness still come and go, but I have found a way to handle it.. well, most of the time. I still yearn to share my insignificant moments… but sometimes it’s also good to keep and cherish them inside for future reference. The work is definitely not monotonous; I have a whole office room with a good view in place of the earlier cubicle, and I finally find that solitude has its own set of comforts.

Sharing and communicating has become a theraputic habit.

I can’t say that my life is outstandingly great, but I think I can say that it is better.

The days wil become weeks, months and years…

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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